Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

I wasn’t familiar with the Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin, but a Google search later I found it for sale for $25 on Code Canyon and it’s had almost 1/4 million sales and apparently powers 2.5 million sites!

That’s a lot of users.

v5.4.* is the newest version, so any performance issues are with recent versions: it’s February 22nd 2018 as I write this.

From a feature perspective the Slider Revolution Plugin looks advanced (I’ve NOT tested it) with WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) features** and lots of options.

** Before using image sliders be aware research indicates users don’t click past the first image slide and visitors tend to be banner blind (most users ignore them): have YOU ever clicked through an image slider and visited a link? Also consider we are moving into a mobile first world, is this the sort of javascript and image heavy feature a user on a tiny screen with limited bandwidth wants, are there better solutions?

This sort of flashy website feature is what site owners add believing visitors will like their site more. Reality is most visitors ignore the flashy stuff and scroll to the content.

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