Revolution Slider SEO Optimization

Revolution Slider SEO Optimization

I’m afraid the Revolution Slider SEO optimization is poor to say the least, the plugin developer should have coded the plugin to create thumbnails and load the smaller image instead, NOT load the FULL size image (no matter how big they are) and scale down to fit! That is not what responsive SEO means!

Scaling images this way is anti-SEO, what it means is a Revolution Slider Plugin user who doesn’t understand basic performance SEO and basic image optimization can upload a huge 5,000px wide, 10MB image and the Slider plugin will use that full size image as is (that is stupid!)!

The image below for example is a small 550px by 275px wide version of a much larger image, the full size version is 1,800px by 900px wide.

Revolution Slider Images Are NOT Responsive

Revolution Slider Images Are NOT Responsive

WordPress and the SEO theme used on this site is truly responsive.

1st WordPress allows the user to select a smaller version of the full size image (I chose 550px wide).

2nd if a WordPress theme (or plugin) is setup correctly when a user visits on a small screen device (mobile phone for example), WordPress and the correctly setup theme/plugin will load an image that’s similar in width to the devices screen size even when the image selected by the webmaster is larger: like I selected a 550px image.

So though the full size image above is 1,800px wide and I set WordPress to show the 550px wide version, if you are on a mobile phone with a screen width of 300px, the image you see above isn’t a scaled down version of the 550px image (or the full image scaled down), but another image with width close to 300px wide.

This is how responsive SEO themes and plugins work, this is NOT how the supposedly Responsive Revolution Slider Plugin works!

Remember the plugin is called the “Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin” (RESPONSIVE indicating mobile responsiveness) and is advertised as optimized for performance.

Optimized Performance

Good looks aren’t everything, so we made sure that
Slider Revolution also loads lightning fast!

  • Loaded core file size automatically scales with used features
  • Intelligent Lazy Loading options
  • SEO Optimization
  • Monitor and optimize all aspects of your sliders
  • Advanced Debugging Options

As long as users can upload huge images which are scaled down rather than resized (thumbnails created) by Revolution Slider this is NOT an optimized for performance SEO WordPress plugin. Add to that it’s heavy use of jQuery (a very bloated JavaScript framework) and this cannot be described as an SEO optimized slider plugin: it actually damages performance SEO quite badly!

I wouldn’t use this slider plugin if it were free.

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