Languagenut Working Hreflang Tags

Languagenut Working Hreflang Tags

Looking deeper Languagenut do have one set of WordPress Pages sort of setup correctly.

On the Languages pages (where you select a country/language) the hreflang tags are set differently to match the corresponding webpages (see screenshot).

Unfortunately, some of them are broken. I know getting these wrong can break the function, but not sure if having a few wrong breaks it all. As an SEO consultant I haven’t dealt with many sites with multiple language sections like this and Google introduced the rel-alternate-hreflang annotation in 2013 so there’s not much research data on it.

On a pedantic note, personally I’d have gone with the ISO 639-1 format for the URL structure. So for /uk/ I’d have used /en/ or /en-gb/. Even now if I acquired a site with /uk/ rather than /en/ or /en-gb/ I’d change it and 301 redirect the /uk/ webpages to the /en/ or /en-gb/ webpages (it would annoy me otherwise).

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