Languagenut Mandarin Language App

Languagenut Mandarin Language App

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As an ex home schooler (we home educated/home schooled our three sons, now adults), Languagenut is the sort of software program/service we’d have used when our kids were young. My wife and I are both from the UK and though we know some very, very basic French and German, neither of us would pass the “tourist language test” in a French/German speaking country: we’d have to point a lot :-)

As home educators we bought a fair number of French, German and Spanish language resources:

  • Language books
  • Language cassette tapes
  • Language videos
  • Language software
  • Language flashcards
  • Language boardgames

None of our home schooled children really got into foreign languages, so it didn’t work :-(

If software programs like Languagenut existed 15+ years ago, we’d have probably tried it: for example Languagenut includes Mandarin which should be taught in more schools!

Languagenut Mandarin Language App

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