Languagenut Hreflang Tags Broken Alternate URLs

Languagenut Hreflang Tags Broken Alternate URLs

Is the US page about Home Schooling. The hreflang tags alternate URLs point to UK, German, Indian, Spanish…. webpages with the same URL except the /us/ part:


There’s around 60 of these alternate URLs (see screenshot above of the view source code), the corresponding webpages do not exist. I believe in this scenario the hreflang tags will all be ignored. Google Article: Use hreflang for language and regional URLs.

My guess is they’ve added an automated plugin or hacked some code together that grabs the WordPress Pages permalink. This would work fine, IF they’d duplicated the article (including /url-slug/) 60 times (they haven’t).

I’m afraid this level of language integration requires some manual input as the webpages are created.

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