Twitter Account Suspended Notification

Twitter Account Suspended Notification

I was tracking a large set of Twitter accounts (dozens of accounts) obviously owned by one person or one group: all linked to the same domain and all used the same aggressive Twitter follower churn growth technique.

Some of the accounts were in the tens of thousands of followers range while they only followed around 2,000 accounts. The accounts were growing faster than my Twitter accounts and it was obvious they were using aggressive follow churn. They have ALL being banned by Twitter and load the Twitter account suspended notification!

Account suspended
This account has been suspended. Learn more about why Twitter suspends accounts, or return to your timeline.

It looked like all the banned Twitter accounts were automatically following a large number of new followers every day (I’d guess well over 500 a day) and automatically unfollowing them all a day or two later while keeping the number of accounts they followed to ~2,000.

Their Twitter follow/unfollow churn technique could be:

Follow 500 Twitter accounts every day and unfollow 500 accounts after day 4.
This would result in at day 4 the account is following 2,000 Twitter accounts and stays at 2,000 Twitter accounts since every day 500 new Twitter profiles are followed and 500 old Twitter profiles (those followed 4 days earlier) are unfollowed.

This is the definition of aggressive Twitter follow churn and Twitter banned them all: all that work down the drain!

That’s acceptable for people with dozens/hundreds of Twitter accounts with automated Tweet, follow/unfollow systems who expect a % of bans, but a serious business can not take risks with their main Twitter account!

If you care about your Twitter account do NOT use aggressive follow techniques, you might get away with it for months, but the risks are too high and there’s no value in a suspended Twitter account with tens of thousands of followers!

Basically the really fast Twitter follow growth is due to taking big risks, if you want super fast Twitter growth, but don’t have an account that’s likely to go viral it means big risks. Don’t do it.

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