Find the WordPress Plugins Directory Using Filezilla

Find the WordPress Plugins Directory Using Filezilla

To manually delete a WordPress plugin using FTP, first you have to find your way to where the WordPress /plugins/ directory is. The /plugins/ directory (found under /wp-content/plugins/) is where all WordPress plugin directories are stored.

If a WordPress plugin has broken a website and you can’t access the WordPress Dashboard to deactivate the plugin, simply deleting the relevant directory using an FTP program removes the plugin files and WordPress automatically deactivates the broken plugin which gives you access to the WordPress Dashboard.

In the Filezilla screenshot above it shows the Godaddy virtual server my websites are on has my websites WordPress Plugins directory under the /public_html/wp-contents/plugins/.

Yours might be under /public_html/wp-contents/plugins/ or /www/wp-contents/plugins/ or something else like /public_html/blog/wp-contents/plugins/ if your WordPress installation is installed in the /blog/ sub-directory.

If you are unsure it’s the correct /plugins/ directory, check the directory below it is /wp-content/. The format should always be /wp-contents/plugins/.

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