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AdSense UK Another very good month, total affiliate type revenue for October was $4,885.30, which is less than $100 extra compared to September which I’m pleased with since last months increase was big (over $1,000 extra). Made $157.59 a day which despite making a little more this month is almost $2 less per day since October is 31 days and September is 30 days, so relatively speaking I made more per day in September vs October :)

Happy to report no server problems this month, but unhappy to report my Free Recipe site that by September 4th had gone from breaking over 10,000 visitors a day to dropping to under 2,000 has still not recovered despite putting in a Google reinclusion request. Either Google’s not looked at the site yet or they have and think something is wrong with it still!

Clickbank again came through for me, 2 months in a row making over $2,000 which is great. Almost completely lost some decent SERPs in the month when the latest blog link you get from DigitalPoint forum messed up my SERPs!

This latest blog link uses the anchor text of your latest blog post to link to the HOME page of the site. So I had hundreds of links pointing to the home page of one of my sites using the anchor text for an important page, since I name my pages with SEO in mind this told Google etc… the home page of the site was as/more important for this SERP than the page I’d specifically created for the SERP.

99 out of 100 times this won’t cause a problem, but guess what, yes the page the anchor text is from almost got deindexed from Google! You could only find this page through a Google search and when checking the money SERPs the page that used to have the SERPs was missing and the home page was listed instead, but not as high (the home page isn’t SEO’d for those SERPs, so the listing was due to the links from DigitalPoint).

After making a few changes the page eventually got it’s search engine listings back, though slightly lower than before! So lost some Google rankings there which if they don’t recover will cost me a lot of revenue long term.

Since this happened Clickbank revenue dropped a fair bit, basically I had three really good weeks recently making around $800 a week, which would result in Clickbank revenue of over $3,000 a month. Now I’m struggling to break $400 a week, (I think I’d be making $600 a week if it wasn’t for this SERPs mistake!) which though much better than say 8 weeks ago is likely to mean a drop in revenue next month (November) if I don’t recover this revenue somehow.

Nothing worse than loosing money when it was easily avoided. Just got to hope the rankings fully recover this month.

As always this revenue does not include the money I make through my SEO business or any investments, so ONLY affiliate and advertising (AdSense type programs) revenue.

Affiliate Revenue for October 2008

September 2008 revenue is listed in italics to the right

Google AdSense Revenue : $1,182.71 ($38.15 a day) $1,318.96 ($43.97 a day)
ClickBank : $2,269.66 ($73.21 a day) $2,244.94 ($74.83 a day)
Amazon : $40.53 ($1.31 a day) $117.03 ($3.90 a day)
Private Ads : $1,368.52 ($44.15 a day) $1,099.35 ($36.65 a day)

New revenue sources as of July 2008.

Commission Junction (CJ) : £0.00 (£0) (not promoted recently)
Kontera : $0.00 ($0.0) (not promoted recently)
Chitika : $0.00 ($0) (not promoted recently)
Shareasale : $23.88 ($10)

Last few months not felt like putting time into these programs, AdSense and Clickbank are far more lucrative.

October Affiliate Revenue = $4,885.30 ($157.59 a day) $4,790.33 ($159.68 a day)
Extrapolation = $57,520.47 a year $58,282.35 a year

If I save every penny will only take 17 years to break one million dollars from affiliate type revenue only at the above monthly figure :)

Money I would accumulate assuming I kept every penny-

Date Added Total #days
June 1st 2008 : $0 $0 0
Affiliate Report June 30th 2008 : $2,068.12 $2,068.12 30 ($68.94 average earnings per day)
Affiliate Report July 31st 2008 : $3,296.30 $5,364.42 61 ($87.94 average earnings per day)
Affiliate Report Aug 31st 2008 : $3,575.47 $8,939.89 92 ($97.17 average earnings per day)
Affiliate Report Sept 30th 2008 : $4,790.33 $13,730.22 122 ($112.54 average earnings per day)
Affiliate Report Oct 30th 2008 : $4,885.30 $18,615.52 152 ($122.47 average earnings per day)

Since June 1st 2008 to October 31st 2008 I’ve made $18,615.52 from affiliate type revenue sources.

Averaging affiliate revenue per day (over the 152 days) : $122.47 a day, ~$10 more a day than last month, at this rate will take just over 22 years from June 1st 2008 to reach 1 million dollars : I’ll be a millionaire 2034 when I’m 62 years old. Still no where near my millionaire at 45 years old goal.

To meet my millionaire by 45 years old from affiliate type revenue I’m going to need to do something BIG.

David Law