Comment on How to Make Money Online by SEO Gold Services.

AdSense UK That’s a really good point. I took a look at a course/system called: Social Media Marketing System and wrote about it on another site of mine (recently updated the short article).

What pulled me into this course was the creator (Brian Campbell) had apparently given someone a big cheque for some reason (forget the details now, but it was another marketeer type person) and to get involved was free, (I never paid a penny) Brian Campbell had a paid version of his Social Media Marketing System, but wasn’t 100% necessary to buy it.

With my SEO skills and network of sites I should have been able to do really well with social networking and working with others.

The system started with signing up for Facebook and inviting everyone and their dog as a friend, (Facebook kept warning me I was asking for too many friends, I’d stop for a while as the system suggested, but the account was banned: probably had a couple of thousand friends) made a few FaceBook groups (one on AdSense and one on SEO and member wise they did OK: 1,000+ members now I think), but despite being willing to work with others nothing happened (I tried).

Basically the creator of the Social Media Marketing System was looking to pull in thousands of newbies and have some of them pay for his membership course, when people paid for the membership course it made it look like his membership course was a success since his revenue went up from people buying the membership course!!

Reality is if you don’t have a product or service of your own to offer you are going to be used by those who do have a product or service to offer. How badly you are used and what you make from it is where it gets interesting. For me with my above experience all I wasted was time, though did learn some new stuff (how to spot more scam like offers), so not that bad I suppose.

I have a BIG problem deliberately ripping people off, if someone offers a good product and only those who work hard can make the product work, fine that’s business. But offering a crap product/service knowing it’s crap just to pull in money goes against everything I believe in (I like money, but not that much)!

I’m thinking about offering my themes for sale via Clickbank, I just made a new WordPress theme that has Clickbank ads instead of AdSense ads and as far as I know there’s nothing else like this available? If there is I bet it’s not as good :-)

If I do manage to set it up as a membership site (offering all my themes for one price) I’m obviously going to benefit more from it than my affiliates, but at least it will be a good product and I’m not looking to rip anyone off. I’ve had people for years asking me to write a Clickbank product they can promote, but I tend to put my time into helping my SEO clients (they do pay me a lot of money :-)) and messing around: I only created the Clickbank theme because Google pissed me off when they banned a couple of my domains from their program :-)

I’m the first to admit I don’t take making money serious enough!

I’d have never even got into this business if it wasn’t for my back, if I had my way I’d be happily messing around with DNA in a lab now, I wanted to cure something like HIV (actually had a good idea to control secondary infections in full blown AIDS cases). Basically if it’s not an enjoyable challenge, I’m not interested.

David Law