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AdSense UK Hi Mark,

I have to admit to have completely missed the boat on user generated content, I keep starting forums for various sites, but never get around to finishing them. Always a case of not quite finishing the template system (SEOing the forum script), and if it’s not perfect it doesn’t go live, so never quite gets done.

Another thing I’ve completely missed is mailing lists, you can make a small fortune through a list, you get people to join and they tend to stay for years as long as you don’t only send them SPAM ads :) With my 20K visitors a day it would be easy for me to build a list, I MUST do it one day!

Your right about Clickbank, I’ve tried marketing about half a dozen Clickbank products and only ones in one niche have sold well, 90% of my Clickbank revenue comes from one product right now.

My eldest son (who tried Clickbank before me) markets the same niche and also makes a small amount from this one product.

I know there’s a lot of Clickbank products and the revenue share is fair, but so far I’ve not found a way to sell Clickbank products that works for multiple Clickbank products. The success in one niche is due to reviewing the product I used (for real, I bought it to use), it’s not really possible to accurately review dozens of products that way.

I can save a lot of you some serious time, don’t eve waste your time just linking to Clickbank products, doesn’t work. One of my sites receives over 7,000 visitors a day and for about 6 weeks has had a set of links on the menu (site wide) to relevant Clickbank products, had 2 sales!!!! Two sales from all that traffic is pathetic, so you have to give your visitors a good reason to buy.

I think the problem is the SPAMMY way Clickbank product pages are made, the big bold text on the single squeeze page with a few well written testimonials of how this product changes the world. For a online shopper like myself it throws up big red flags, I wish they’d use normal product type sales pages :(

The sad thing is some of the products are very good, like I said I’ve bought some Clickbank products for personal use, but all have been thoroughly researched before buying (those sales pages put me off!).

David Law