Comment on How to Make Money Online by Mark.

AdSense UK Dave, again well written post on how to make money online. I would agree with most, if not all of what you say. However, the sites that make the big money from google adsense are often “user generated content” interactive sites, I think.

The users create the unique content. For example, free dating sites that take off, often rise to the top of Alexa (for what its worth) because once you get a user to sign up, they come back everyday for years sometimes. But most do not get the critical number of users. But if they do you get sites like plentyoffish or nasza klasa (the Polish Facebook).

These sites are the sites that really take off and generate income from adsense. Otherwise you will have to work hard and build content and make a pittance like Bob Cratchit for Scooge like affilates.

Selling your own product on the other hand is a good idea. Do what you love. But, also I would be curious if anyone has a detailed analysis of profitability, of various niches and sectors for online product sales not from affiliates.