NOT the Best AdSense Placement

NOT the Best AdSense Placement

The modified image above of the AdSense heatmap shows roughly where you’d find my ONLY AdSense ad unit on websites that during March 2005 (1st to the 31st) were seeing ~14,000 impressions a day, but only made $7.68 a day from AdSense: that’s very low!

You see that steaming pile of poo where very few website users click ads, that’s where my only AdSense ad unit was poorly placed on a popular literature website with ~14,000 ad impressions a day!

Classic literature isn’t exactly a high money content niche, but I wasn’t monetising this traffic well at all.

By believing AdSense wasn’t a good way to make money I’d shot myself in the foot, normally I do lots of research (I have a science background), but this one time I did NONE!

I’d assumed AdSense was pointless BEFORE any serious research or testing and my early results confirmed this bad assumption!

To learn from a mistake, you first have to accept you made one!

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