Copy Twitter Followers Free

Copy Twitter Followers Free

I control multiple Twitter accounts, below are my SEO and marketing relevant Twitter accounts which if you follow them I’ll probably followback.

SEO Twitter Accounts

Be patient, could take me a week to followback if I’m busy.

My Twitter follow policy is I follow MOST accounts back: I tend NOT to follow non-English accounts, users which lack a profile image or a biography. I avoid following porn/adult accounts and users who excessively auto-tweet.

I make exceptions, but if you want me to followback take the above into account.

Clicking a Twitter Follow button opens the account in a Popup window.

Copy Twitter Followers Free Tip

A good Twitter follow tip is find ACTIVE Twitter users in your niche with a reasonable number of followers, but NOT the VERY popular accounts (not celebrity Twitter accounts etc…). Accounts with 500 to a few thousand followers is a good guide.

What you are looking for are Twitter users which generate 10+ new followers a day.

Go to their Followers page (who is following them) and follow 10 to 20 of their recent followers. Basically you copy their followers in small blocks of 10 to 20 for free (only costs your time).

Those 10 to 20 accounts you just copied are actively following other Twitter users in your niche NOW (to be at the top of the new followers list they must have followed the account today). There’s a much better chance those Twitter users will followback vs randomly following Twitter accounts or finding users to follow via hashtags etc…

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