Craig Campbell SEO Passing Off as Nigel Farage MEP

Craig Campbell SEO Passing Off as Nigel Farage MEP

Craig Campbell and SEO consultant from Glasgow owns this domain and he is clearly passing it off as a Nigel Farage owned website. Nigel Farage used to own this domain, but he allowed it to expire, Craig Campbell bought the domain for the backlinks to the site.

The Nigel Farage MEP website has backlinks from Wikipedia, Channel 4 and even the EU’s website, so a lot of people still believe this is Nigel Farage’s website. This has some SEO value, but to stop those links from being removed by the EU etc… Craig has rebuilt the site so it still looks like a legitimate Nigel Farage website.

Had Craig not wrote about owning this domain and taking advantage of the links, I might still be unsure who owns it:

Now, if anyone knows who this guy is, it’s Nigel Farage. Even guys like this got a list of domain names with amazing backlinks from Wikipedia, the Guardian, BBC, Independent, Fox News, New York Times, the Forbes, so many great backlinks there and feature snippet as well.

I got the domain name, and within a couple of weeks I’ve already got the website getting 13,000 monthly hits, ranks with 223 keywords. So that is how quick and easy you can get websites making money if you take advantage of expired domain names. I’m not sure how much money you’ll make off of Nigel Farage. That was just a kind of off the cuff example for a laugh.


Look at the contact page, there is NO indication this website no longer belongs to Nigel Farage.

See what the contact page looked like in 2015 when it was owned by Nigel Farage:

This is the text from the contact page in January 2020:

If you have any questions or would just like to get in touch, please complete the form below: I will be in touch very soon.

For media enquiries please contact Annabelle Fuller on 0044 (0)7826 924412 or Email

Annabelle Fuller was until recently a political aide to Nigel Farage. I believe the phone number and email address are valid.

Reads to me like Nigel Farage (or someone working for him) wrote it and if you fill in the contact form with your name, email, home address and query, Nigel will be the recipient of the information.

What happens if a constituent of Nigel Farage (he is an EU MEP) fills in some private information into the contact form, who has access to it?

WTF is Craig Campbell thinking collecting home addresses etc…?

The contact page also includes a Subscribe to Newsletter signup form, there’s a similar form for collecting email addresses on the homepage as well!

This goes way beyond a black hat SEO using a website to earn a few £quid and backlinks to their SEO website!

Do you agree with me that passing off a domain this way is an unethical SEO business practice?

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