Craig Campbell SEO Hidden Text Link

Craig Campbell SEO Hidden Text Link

View HTML Source of and search through the HTML code for Craig Campbell SEO and you will find three instances of the phrase “Craig Campbell SEO”, the 3rd of which is a black hat SEO hidden text link to the Craig Campbell SEO website. True in January 2020.

<p><span style="color: #ffffff;"><a style="color: #ffffff;" href="">Craig Campbell SEO</a></span></p>

I immediately noticed the CSS color code for WHITE text, that’s color: #ffffff; used for the text link!

The code above is a text link with white anchor text “Craig Campbell SEO” on a white background, this passes SEO ranking value to the Craig Campbell website for the keywords “Craig Campbell SEO”.

Take into account at this point I believed the Nigel Farage MEP website was owned by Nigel Farage, so this looked wrong. At this point my thoughts were either Nigel Farage has hired Craig Campbell to work on the sites SEO and he’s hidden text links and affiliate links or he’s hacked the domain to add the link etc…

A third remote option was Craig owned the domain: this was later confirmed to be the case (Craig has wrote about this site and how he bought it as an expired domain).

That’s a really old school black hat SEO technique, make the anchor text of the link the same colour (white) and the background (white), so visitors to the website can’t easily see the text link.

By hiding links this way a black hat SEO can insert text links to sites unrelated to the content without visitors noticing.

Here we have a website about an EU MEP linking out in the middle of the content to a Glasgow SEO consultant’s website. If Nigel Farage owned the Nigel Farage MEP website (he doesn’t) it would look weird. Craig Campbell is trying to pass this site off as a Nigel Farage owned domain!

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