GIMP Meme Generator Template

GIMP Meme Generator Template

I created a sort of GIMP Meme Generator Template (GIMP is a free image editor) with over 20 background colours, over 60 clipart like images and a few text layers for adding quotes/SEO tips from this site to Tweet.

With the GIMP meme template it’s easy for me to generate images with any combination of background colour and clipart with a couple of clicks of the mouse. It’s then a simple case of changing the text and exporting the image as a jpg ready to upload into WordPress like any other image.

Each one of the SEO quote/SEO tip images I upload to this site creates a WordPress attachment webpage (like the page you are on now) which can be shared directly on Twitter etc… either manually or via the Twitter API (via a database).

There are multiple articles filled with the SEO quote/SEO tip images like Top 10 Marketing Tips and Search Engine Optimization Tips filled with Tweetable images so I and visitors can manually share them on Twitter.

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