Yoast Team are NOT SEO Experts

Yoast Team are NOT SEO Experts

If you were looking to hire a technical SEO expert, would you hire a team of 50+ people including almost a dozen web developers and 3 SEO consultants who have failed to even come close to optimizing the Yoast website for speed?

Or would you hire someone like me, a self-employed jack of all trades (I do everything myself) SEO consultant who has excellent Google Lighthouse results with a site on a cheap Godaddy VPS server?

Did I forget to mention the Yoast website is on expensive hosting, with CDNs etc… and my site is on a cheap VPS (Virtual Private Server with no CDN) which cost me ~$600 for three years which I currently host about 100 domains on :-)

Who do you think is the best technical SEO expert?

I invite your comments.

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