WordPress SEO by Yoast Branding

WordPress SEO by Yoast Branding

5+ years ago the Yoast plugin was promoted as “WordPress SEO by Yoast“, for example on the WordPress.org plugin page it was called “WordPress SEO by Yoast”: see the old screenshot above from 2013.

Today it’s promoted as “Yoast SEO“, had it started with this newer name I very much doubt it would have been as successful as the backlinks would tend to lack the anchor text WordPress.

Today Yoast is a well known brand in the WordPress community, Yoast has become synonymous with WordPress SEO Plugin. It’s very impressive, but is it deserved, are the Yoast team (it’s a team of over 50 employees now: they built a business around a plugin with tens of millions of downloads) filled with SEO experts?

If a business hired Yoast as their SEO agency** can they replicate this branding/SEO success for other websites?

I very much doubt it.

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