SEO Gold Coast Article Lighthouse Audits Tool Results

SEO Gold Coast Article Lighthouse Audits Tool Results

The Yoast Article Lighthouse Audits Tool Results weren’t very good, let’s compare to an SEO Gold Coast article:

There’s nothing special about this WordPress Post, it’s an article with title “Why SEO Training is Essential for Marketing Professionals” from the “Marketing Tutorials” category.

The article consists of a lot of text (body content), 13 images (some big ones), and 3 user comments. Also includes 7 iFrames for the Twitter follow links near the bottom of the main content (like the Twitter follow link below).

As you can see from the Lighthouse screenshot above, the results are much better than the Yoast results.

Progressive Web App = 100
Performance = 77
Accessibly = 100
Best Practices = 88

Lighthouse performance is significantly better at 77 (20 higher than a Yoast article)!

First meaningful paint 2,070ms
First interactive (beta) 5,320ms
Consistently interactive (beta) 5.320ms

Perpetual Speed Index and Estimated Input Latency are below target, I believe this is because of the size of the webpage (it’s a BIG one). Don’t have this issue on smaller articles, but to give Yoast a chance I tested against one of my worst performing articles.

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