Hivelocity Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Hivelocity Unmanaged Dedicated Server Review

Been using the Hivelocity dedicated server for a while now and at first was happy with it’s hosting performance, but after using Hivelocity for about 6 months I’m no longer as impressed unfortunately: especially unimpressed with Hivelocity support.

When the dedicated server worked it was fine, but I was finding it down every so often and there’s no remote reboot with an unmanaged Hivelocity server (at least Server4you had remote reboots with their servers) and their support staff on live chat (who have to order reboots manually!) are far from impressive at supporting their customers at times when they really need support!

I’ve had to order roughly half a dozen server reboots through Hivelocity’s live chat interface and the fastest was around 15 minutes from the live chat support tech person saying they have ordered a server reboot to the server working again!

The most recent server reboots have ranged from 15 mins to over 30 mins from the Hivelocity support staff saying it had been ordered. This does not take into account the time taken to log into their website (once it was down for over 10 mins slowing the process further) so reboots are taking on average 30 mins to occur!

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