Twitter Direct Messages, Sent vs Seen

Twitter Direct Messages, Sent vs Seen

I sent a Twitter Direct Message (DM) with basic contact details and a couple of new SEO issues with the Marcus Lemonis website and the Camping World website.

In a perfect world the very busy Marcus Lemonis with over half a million Twitter followers and presumably a completely swamped Twitter Notifications page and Direct Message pages would have been eagerly waiting on Twitter just for my reply, but alas no quick reply or contact.

I gave it a few days and still no reply and I could see the Twitter Direct Message hadn’t been read (not marked seen), so sent another DM. Gave it another 24hrs and the Twitter DMs hadn’t been read: still haven’t been read** one week after the initial Tweet.

Looks like Twitter DMs are unlikely to get Marcus’s attention, so used the contact form on the Marcus Lemonis website a couple of days ago and since I’d been doing some basic SEO research on the Camping World website listed a serious SEO mistake.

** There’s a Twitter receipt option under “Settings and privacy” >> “Privacy and safety” ::
Under “Direct Messages” there’s a “Show read receipts” setting. If set to OFF the read receipts aren’t sent, so there’s a small chance the DMs have been seen/read, but are still only marked sent.

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