SPAMMY Long-Tail Clickbank Product SERP

SPAMMY Long-Tail Clickbank Product SERP

Search Google for “Jesus Is Your Itemized Guide – Ultimate Weight Detriment” (I think that’s the name of the Clickbank product) lists the Gravatar profile page at number 1.

These SPAMMY Gravatar profiles have the potential to rank for lots of long-tail SERPs (the example above is particularly long-tail). The blackhat SEO concept behind this type of link SPAM is add hundreds of these webpages to anywhere the link SPAMMER can add them (, etc…) and use forum and other blackhat link SPAM sources to link to them so Google indexes and ranks them.

Most of this will be automated with various scripts and blackhat SEO tools, it’s highly unlikely the SPAMMER is manually creating these profiles one by one.

Google search engine users visit these SPAMMY profiles, are disappointed with the content, but some will click the Clickbank affiliate link (the bitly link) and a small number of those will buy the Clickbank product: the SPAMMER gets paid for the affiliate sales.

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