Google Slow Traffic Growth is Normal

Google Slow Traffic Growth Is Normal

If your new website was ranking really well after a couple of weeks then dropped like a stone, please post your traffic details, because I can practically guarantee your going to come out with low visitor numbers and that does not = the start of a well ranked website.

Have you started a modest sized website from scratch recently (newly registered domain) and in under 3 months seen over 1,000 unique visitors a day from Google organic web search?

I used to be able to do this with ease, now it’s damn hard and needs sites with several thousand webpages of unique content: basically each webpage pulls in a visitor or two a day, (if your lucky and in a high traffic niche) not a single semi-competitive SERP amongst them, so if this was a 20 webpage website you’d be seeing ~20 visitors a day, 1,000 page site ~1,000 visitors a day, so you are gaining traffic through quantity of content and very easy SERPs (long tail SERPs), not a small number of well ranked webpages generating hard SERPs.

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