Comment on When is a Google Penalty not a Google Penalty? by asp net developer.

Check for Manual Google Penalties via Google Search Console hello,
i am an asp net developer but i am new to webmasters world and seo, i listen people speaking about link building all the time. i really don’t know from where in the world you get this links. all the blogs are “nofollow” all the forum pages have really low PR, and google employee posted that links from social networks are not important.

i really don’t know how can you get this links from PR +5 pages. if you have a page pr 5 you wont allow comments on it or will make it nofollow. last joke is “natural links” from the 50 users that google send to my new website what is the ratio of readers who own a 5 pr websites and from them how many will write about me. looooooool

may be buying is the solution of the prof. i don’t know