Google Hummingbird and Anchor Text

Google Hummingbird and Anchor Text

Prior to the Google Hummingbird, Penguin, Panda etc… algorithm updates (before 2011) I advised trying to add your most important keyword phrases as anchor text.

When Google was much dumber than it is today, you could literally target a competitive SERP ONLY with anchor text! Gain enough backlinks with anchor text Guerilla Marketing and the page linked to would rank for Guerilla Marketing.

It really was that simple, Google was REALLY dumb compared to now, how I miss those days when Google was the village idiot.

Adding your keywords/keyphrases as anchor text is still solid SEO advice, but especially since the Google Hummingbird algorithm update (a major Google update in 2013), Google has got MUCH better at spotting natural language patterns and having almost identical anchor text for all backlinks isn’t exactly natural language!

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