Google HummingBird Algorithm Provides Answers to Questions

Google HummingBird Algorithm Provides Answers to Questions

The Hummingbird algorithm in particular was a shift in how Google works, from a simple search engine to an answers search engine. In simple terms if you searched for “White House” way before Hummingbird was live, Google would present anything related to that phrase, obviously that includes The White House, but it might also have shown a song or a book called White House or a page about a random house that’s white.

Today Google makes an assumption (an educated guess based on machine learning – AI) you are probably looking to discover what’s happening at The White House and will present results related to The White House: The White House website, their Twitter account, recent news results related to the White House, hotels near the White House etc…

If the searcher is actually looking for a song called White House a search for White House Song might show nothing about The White House per se and mostly list music relevant results, that one extra keyword completely changes the results.

Like most people reading this SEO tutorial you know without being told when I wrote The White House I’m referring to the White House in the USA where the US President has a day job. I didn’t have to tell you I meant the political White House, you knew because of your personal knowledge base and Google is attempting to work in a similar way via the Hummingbird algorithm and machine learning (AI).

It’s a really cool way for a search engine to work, it’s like it understands natural language like we do, but it makes SEO more difficult and more interesting.

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