Google Lighthouse PageSpeed 100

Google Lighthouse PageSpeed 100

It is surprisingly difficult to find a webpage which scores 100/100, 100/100, 100/100, 100/100, PWA Ticked when tested with the Google Lighthouse tool!

On a good day when I test the SEO Gold website with Google LightHouse my webpages mostly hit the elusive PageSpeed 100 result. Feel free to test the SEO Gold homepage below.

The PageSpeed form above can be used to test any webpage which hasn’t blocked LightHouse access. Want to see a blocked Lighthouse website, see the Yoast domain, seems they have blocked both Google Lighthouse and Google PageSpeed Insights from testing their domain!

Yoast has never performed particularly well on PageSpeed, there are still ways to test Yoast with Lighthouse and their results are slow.

Many webmasters want a quick answer like install these three WordPress SEO Plugins and PageSpeed will be 100/100, I’m afraid it’s not that simple. To achieve PageSpeed 100 requires a lot of effort, everything has to be optimised, unnecessary features like slider plugins have to be removed.

It’s a case of run the Lighthouse test and slowly fix the reported issues one by one, or hire a technical SEO genius like me to manage your websites SEO needs.

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