Godaddy VPS Destroy and Rebuild

Godaddy VPS Destroy and Rebuild

Anyway, got access to the server quite quickly (no issues with that) and the server had an awesome Destroy and Rebuild feature.

Which meant in a space of 10 mins if you messed up you could start again from scratch and even choose a different version of Linus: Centos 6, Centos 7, Fedora 23 (I think) and a version of Ubuntu.

I’m familiar with Centos, so tried Centos 7 and 6 only.

I use the control panel Virtualmin, so after a quick “Yum Update” command to update the server to the latest version of Centos 7 I installed Virtualmin: done this at least half a dozen times before with other servers, it’s easy.

Unfortunately that’s when the problems began.

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