If you know some very funny car crash videos if you post the YouTube URL to the video in the comment form (near the bottom) the website will covert it to the correct video form: just like the funny videos below…

Funny Car Crash
Funny Car Crash

As most people know it’s illegal to drive a car or other motorized vehicle on a legal highway without valid car insurance.

Some very stupid people think it’s fine to drive without car insurance for a variety of reasons (I like the Libertarian argument, NOT), here’s a few very good reasons in the form of car crash videos why car insurance is very important.

Funny YouTube Video Car’s Sliding on Black Ice

I have a feeling third part fire and theft car insurance wouldn’t have been much help to the people driving the cars in the above very funny video showing multiple cars sliding on what must have been black ice!

I hope they all had fully comprehensive car insurance :-))

Funny YouTube Video Expensive Cars

The above video of crashed expensive cars must have cost a lot of car insurance companies a LOT on insurance claims.

Funny YouTube Video Women Drivers a Car Insurance Companies Nightmare

OMG this woman driver should have never got her driving licence! Assuming this isn’t faked (and you can never be sure) she must have slept with the driving test instructor to pass the test. 3 point turn in just 20 moves I think, she must have been drunk or on drugs to drive that badly. And the 2 poor owners of the cars involved probably lost their no claims bonuses after making their car insurance claims as well!

Funny YouTube Video Funny Women’s Car Insurance

Since I just took the piss out of women drivers….

This one is a very funny car insurance TV commercial. I won’t ruin it for you by telling you what happens, but I laughed out loud at the end. You might find one of the funny women number plates to your liking :-)

Funniest Car Insurance Commercials

This is an hilarious car insurance quote spoof video, it really covers the stuff the insurance companies get us on. I’m 37 and apparently missed my 25 year old driving talent gift, that sucks :-)

Funny YouTube Video Car Insurance Advertisement

A funny car insurance advert spoof video for Vern Fonk Insurance company :-)

Shipoopi car insurance savings, I love it.

Funny YouTube Video Allstate mayhem commercial – Dean Winters as Teenage Girl

Another car insurance TV ad spoof video.

“I’m a teenage girl. Now, I’m emotionally compromised. I’m all… OMG! So, get Allstate. You can save money and be better protected from mayhem like me!”

Funny YouTube Video Funny Car Insurance Commercial – Cat

In this real car insurance commercial the cat gets it!

Funny YouTube Video Funny Car Insurance Prank Call

If this is for real the car insurance salesman was after a sale at any cost! This has got to be a joke, still quite funny.

Funny YouTube Video Nationwide Auto Insurance Commercial “Bank Brat”

Yes the bratty kid damages a car in a TV commercial, not the funniest I’ve seen, but since I’m from the UK nice to see a funny car insurance TV ad I wouldn’t normally see.

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