Flipkart Keyword Stuffed Meta Description Tag

Flipkart Keyword Stuffed Meta Description Tag

On the Flipkart home page meta description tags comprises of a list of keywords separated by commas with no spaces to squeeze more keywords into the meta tag.

When you search for Flipkart in Google, Google shows the above as the SERPs description, looks awful with no spaces, not exactly brand friendly either: no mention of the brand name.

The meta description tag should be treated like an advert, does this meta description read/look like an ad you’d click?

There’s even a typo, Cloth instead of Clothes.

This is amateur level SEO, probably a case of the SEO’s are too afraid to change it just in case traffic drops.

Changing the meta description tag can cause traffic could drop, click through rate can be impacted by a good/bad meta description tag (click through rates can go up or down).

Get an expert ad copy writer to create some awesome ads with a modicum of SEO so Google uses it on SERPs and do some testing to find the best ad copy users click.

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