EsecureData Unmanaged Dedicated Server Review

EsecureData Unmanaged Dedicated Server Review

This is the unmanaged dedicated server I purchased from EsecureData in 2008:

Generation Junior Dedicated Server Specifications
Intel DUAL CORE E2140
2GB Ram
$0.75/GB for extra bandwidth
2 (plus one per domain, $2/month for each IP beyond the first 2)
Unlimited reboots

This was an impressive dedicated server when I bought (rented) it.

Whatever comes with the OS you specify is included. Most Linux distributions come with PHP 4, Perl, CGI, SSI, Apache, MySQL, Sendmail, FTP and others. Windows comes with IIS and ASP.NET. Any software beyond whatever is installed during initial setup must be installed by the client.

I went with with CentOS 5 operating system and installed Virtualmin control panel (Virtualmin control panel is not part of EsecureData service).

It was a real shame it all went wrong in the end!

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