eNom Inc Support Review

eNom Inc Support Review

Email below from eNom support

In order for us to assist you with your domain(s) you will need to do
the following as your domain(s) WHOIS data is invalid.

Please go to enomcentral.com and create a free account (top right).

Then log into your RegisterFly.com account and do a screen capture of your domain(s) whois information plus a screen capture of your domain names list.

Send the following:
photo identification
your selected login account
your screen captures
a valid email address
your domain(s)

Request that the domain(s) be moved to your login account.

We can then once the whois data has been confirmed we will move the domain into your account for management / renewal / etc.

You can send this via fax to 425-974-4791 or by attaching the documention (scanned ID) and screen captures to an email to customersupport@enom.com or to a Support Center ticket (help -> Support Center -> Ask A Question).

The whois info for my domains was wrong, Registerfly screwed up on this many times!

So I set about gathering things for the eNom quest to gain access to the domains I’ve paid thousands of US$ for! I got everything together except a copy of a photo ID which I didn’t have and quickly sent it to eNom Inc by email.

You’d think that would be enough right?

I’ve proved I have access to the original Registerfly account (all the domains are still listed in the Registerfly account so a screenshot proves I own the domains). The email address used on the whois is the same domain used to email their support, it’s not like I’m trying to gain my domains back using a Hotmail email address! And I have access to the email they sent about this (ended in my SPAM box, but I have it :-)).

I was wrong, a week later they (mostly a Michael Gravelle from Technical Support) are still insisting on a photo ID which I DO NOT have (three times this idiot Michael Gravelle an eNom Technical Support Supervisor has asked for a photo ID despite me saying each time I don’t have one).

Michael Gravelle in particular is a complete moron and should be sacked by eNom Inc ASAP.

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