Comment on Duplicate Yoast SEO Open Graph Meta Tags by SEO Gold Services.

Duplicate Yoast SEO OG Meta Tags Since you don’t want the tags indexed, there’s no reason to add them to your XML sitemap.

My WordPress SEO Comments Plugin is a powerful SEO feature, I have a more advanced version as part of the Stallion Responsive theme. The SEO plugin version doesn’t have half the features the SEO theme version has. One missing important SEO features is unique Comment Titles (you’ve used the feature on this site when commenting). Stallion Responsive comment titles are really important for gaining traffic from Google directly to your comments. Note: after sending this I’m going to modify your last comments title for SEO reasons (I do this regularly to maximize the SEO benefit from user comments).

You can see the SEO power of the concept of indexing comments with unique comment titles in their own right by using a Custom Google Search.

Deleting Tags etc… has been discussed in the comments over the years, if you go to the Recent Discussions page (it’s linked on the main menu, drop down under “Recent Articles”) there’s a Custom Google Search Form about 4 paragraphs down the page

Or you can use this one here (assuming it works, never tried it in a comment before :-)

Search “Delete Tags” and the first result is an old comment Whitehat SEO PR Sculpting : Delete WordPress Tags and…. At the top of the comment text is a link back to the main WordpPress SEO Tutorial article, that link will take you to the main article so you can read the entire discussion from the point of the “Whitehat SEO PR Sculpting” comment: it’s covers what you asked about.

Without the Stallion Responsive SEO commenting feature, Google wouldn’t be able to link directly to specific comments. The SEO theme features adds a lot of extra SEO’d content to this site that pulls in additional traffic. I wouldn’t write half as many comments if they didn’t generate traffic.

As discussed in the “Whitehat SEO PR Sculpting” comment thread my advice is try to limit how many archives you add a post to. I try to limit it to 2 or fewer (could be two categories, two tags or one of each). Sometimes more will make sense, but 2 is usually more than enough.

Try to delete categories and tags that don’t serve a purpose and/or don’t generate traffic. Since I run Stallion Responsive I’d just delete the tags/categories and let the automated 301 redirect feature redirect the SEO benefit to the home page. Since you use another theme look at adding 301 redirects to your .htaccess file (discussed on the site).

On the comment form missing in your theme, try editing a post and check they are turned on at the post level. If you start a WordPress site with commenting turned off and publish 100 posts say and turn commenting on, the 100 old posts will still have their comments turned off. Covered this issue in the comments with solutions to turn a lot of comments on quickly : use the Google custom search form to search for “Turn Comments On”.

David Law