Comment on Duplicate Yoast SEO Open Graph Meta Tags by John Buxton.

Duplicate Yoast SEO OG Meta Tags David

Many thanks yet again for the guidance I am working through the settings again all Yoast are as you suggest at least I think they are

In the Yoast sitemap xml do I drop post tags from being in the site map now?

So far I have taken all the tags from the posts as suggested now just for clarification should I delete the actual tags?

I have been going through the comments idea and your plugin (I have an error on the Avada theme as the select comments on is set to yes and remain not showing) awaiting support question.

I have also bulk edited the posts to comments on as well.

Clearly getting motorhome owners to comment when we have better content would be very useful especially with your comments plugin working as well

Thanks again John