Comment on Duplicate Yoast SEO Open Graph Meta Tags by SEO Gold Services.

Duplicate Yoast SEO OG Meta Tags Looks like you have the Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin setup to index categories, but noTindex Tags. I only checked a category and a tag main page, if you have settings to noTindex search results of page 2 of categories, I didn’t check.

The screenshot below is from one of your Tags pages.

Stallion SEO Plugin Canonical URL

Stallion SEO Plugin Canonical URL

That’s what you should see if you want the canonical URL on tags to point to the home page. The plugin is designed to only load the above code on pages that need it, if you don’t want a category changed there’s no reason to add anything to it (minimize impact on server resources).

This is asking Google to consider tags not important, please don’t index them and redirect ~85% (only way to get it all back is don’t link to tags) of the link benefit wasted on tags back to the home page.

Like with noindex, Google doesn’t always respect canonicals. Overtime if the only links to tags are internal they should slowly stop being indexed. If you had a lot of incoming links to tags, Google might consider some of them important and keep them indexed (also does this with noindex).

It’s better not to have tags (never create them) or at least avoid linking to them. In Stallion Responsive for example there are options to choose what pages link to tags. For example link to tags from Posts, but don’t link to them from anywhere else (so categories don’t link to them). I have Stallion Responsive set to never link to Tags from anywhere. If I had tags I’d delete them and use the Stallion Responsive automated 301 redirects of 404 error pages to recover ~85% of the link benefit.

BTW the Google Verification Meta Tag in the image above is no longer needed. Once you verify a site with Google you can safely delete the verification meta tag. I was noticing Stallion Responsive users kept leaving the verification tags up (it’s a Stallion option), so set them to auto clear each update to conserve server resources :-)

Also very annoying plugin/theme developers load the Google Verification Meta Tag sitewide, it’s only needed on the homepage during verification. It should be setup in the plugin/theme to only load on the homepage where it is temporarily needed.

David Law