Registerfly Review

Registerfly Review

Registerfly (now called RegFly) was the first domain names registration company I used for cheap domain names beyond the sort of service where you pay a hosting company to host/register your domain (they do everything).

Registerfly domain registration was cheap, had a very good interface/set of domain registration tools and was reasonably easy to use and so before the problems that resulted in ICANN Termination of (now Registrar Accreditation Agreement in March 2007 I’d purchased over 70 domains with them and had used my credit card on many occasions to add funds to my Registerfly domain registration account so my domains would be renewed for a year or two without having to make manual credit card payments (figured I’d be with Registerfly for years).

I’d not kept track of Registerfly/RegFly as a domain name registration company (I have no interest past buying cheap domain names from them, when it comes to domain registration companies) and so had no idea they were having problems until they affected my domains.

First problems that hit me was with domains (which happened to be my most important sites) wasn’t being renewed quickly by Registerfly and in one case one domain was almost transferred to someone else by mistake!!

Because of this some of my sites had several days downtime which cost me revenue and Google SERPs! I also had the wrong registration info on many of my sites whois info which caused problems with Nominet (had a domain suspended for a week or so for having the wrong info!).

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