Display Widgets Plugin Includes Hacking Code

Display Widgets Plugin Includes Hacking Code

The Display Widgets Plugin v2.6.* includes hacking code, the WordPress Plugin team have banned the new plugin developer (@displaywidget) and closed the Display Widgets Plugin on the free WordPress Plugin Repository.

I offered the plugin team my updated version (v3.0.0), but instead they released an update which is the old v2.05 code (the last secure version) that’s been given the version number 2.7 so users of the hacked versions (v2.6.*) receive an update notification under their WordPress Dashboards. If you are running a 2.6 version, UPDATE/UPGRADE ASAP and check your site wasn’t hacked.

There’s a few bugs in the v2.05/2.7 code (it’s over 3 years since it was last updated) and the widget logic options are basic, so it’s best to update/upgrade to the new v4+ plugin from Display Widgets Plugin v4.* Download : this link will always download the latest version filename display-widgets.zip

The above update is described at Display Widgets Plugin which has more bug fixes and more widget logic features than I added to my quick v3.0.0 release. If you are running v3.0.0 it’s a safe version, but has no built in upgrade feature (v4.0.0 does), it’s recommended to upgrade to v4.0.0 to receive future updates and the new widget logic features.

In either case the new v4+ plugin will use your old Display Widgets settings, so should work with no need to do anything.

Also see the Safe Display Widgets plugin 4.*.

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