Untrusted Display Widget Plugin Developer Profile

Untrusted Display Widget Plugin Developer Profile

Around May 2017 the original Display Widgets plugin developer sold the plugin to a new developer (WordPress username @displaywidget).

I took the above screenshot mid July 2017, the developer has been a member of the WordPress site for 2 months, controls a plugin with 200,000 plus active installs and has posted no information about themselves!

To new plugin developers, trust is a very important factor when creating free plugins, add some information about yourself so your users can check you out.

We now know why he didn’t post any information, he’s a hacker and bought the plugin to add malicious code to 200,000+ WordPress sites!!!

In June 2017 the new developer released an update (version 2.6.0) of the Display Widgets plugin and it’s version 2.6.* of the plugin I’ll be reviewing (nothing major wrong with the old v2.05 code).

Also see the Safe Display Widgets plugin 4.*.

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