Mickey Mouse ASCII Art

Mickey Mouse ASCII Art

During a hunt for the relevant CSS code for a floating text feature I looked at this CSS file https://thewaltdisneycompany.com/app/themes/thewaltdisneycompany-theme/assets/dist/css/main-19b91b9b8d.min.css which includes the Disney Mickey Mouse ASCII Art CSS Easter Egg.

I copied and pasted the ASCII Mickey Mouse code below (between pre tags). It doesn’t format particularly well with my WordPress theme, but you can still copy the ASCII code below to use in your own CSS file etc…

               ./ddmMMMMMMMMMMddm-                              -ddmMMMMMMMMMMddm\.
           .+ddMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMd:                        :ddMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMd+.
       dDMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMdd-              :m:              -ddMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDd
        `\dMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMdd                 '                 ddMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMd/´
            `:dDMMMMMMmddMMMDd                                     ddMMMdmdddMMMMddm+:´
                       -DDMMM+           .mMm.     .mMm.           +DDMMm-
                      .DMMMMM\          .MMMMM´   `MMMMM:          /MMMMMD.
                      mMMMMMMM\         :MMMMM:   :MMMMM:         /MMMMMMMm
                     :MM+´´++dd.         :MMMM:   :MMMM:         .dd++``+MM.
                     .M        `           .ddmDDMddm.           ´        M.
                      M-    ++            .MMMMMMMMMMM             ++    -M
                      `M.    .D+`          `+ddMMMdm+´          Â´+D.    .M´
                       `M:     ddm\`                         ´/ddm     :M´
                         \M.     +DDMd\_                 _/ddMM+´    .M/
                           \M:    `dMMMMMDddmmmmmmmmdddMMMMMMMd´   :M/
                             \.Mm   `+ddMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMdd+´   mM./
                                `ddm    -ddMMMMMMMMMMdd-    ddm´
                                    -ddm                ddm-


I do like it when web designers include website Easter eggs like these. Made me smile. :-)

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