Shai Aharony Reboot Online Marketing Defending Flawed SEO Logic

Shai Aharony Reboot Online Marketing Defending Flawed SEO Logic

Hi David.

Not Flawed at all. Just a case of you misunderstanding the experiment and how it was carried out.

“This means all the linked out tests had a link with anchor text of the test phrase which the other sites did not have.”

No it does not. I think you misread that. The outgoing links was to an external site. Not the site that we are tracking rankings for. The 10 target sites are the ones that we tracked rankings of and those had zero links going to them.

“What this proves is anchor text from a page is important, that’s the ONLY conclusion that can be scientifically drawn from this test.”

Again, you misunderstood. The test showed that anchor text in a link out (not ‘from’ as you say) is also important. I think you misread the experiment.

Not sure about your other suggestions… why would i test if linking to a non existing page matter? Its not what we are trying to check here. We were looking at how Google handles relationships between sites and trying to evaluate if linking out to a authority site could cement that relationship.

I would love to see some of your experiments. Would be happy to include links to them if they are as good as you claim them to be.

I think you need to re-read the experiment properly as all of your assumptions are based on flawed reading. When i did my masters in Aeronautical engineering ;) the first thing we were taught was to read the data properly prior to making assumptions.

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