SEO Gold Mobile PageSpeed Results

SEO Gold Mobile PageSpeed Results

These are very good Lighthouse results, see the live Lighthouse results at:

SEO Gold Homepage Time to Interactive: 2.0 seconds

This Google Lighthouse MOBILE Test Result is for a comparison test vs Digital Marketing Agency homepage Google Lighthouse Mobile Test Results.

I’m a one man band, I’ve been working as a freelance SEO consultant for over 15 years, SEO Gold is 100% my work SEO wise.

I installed the control panel on the cheap virtual private server this domain runs on, I setup all the pagespeed relevant server settings etc…

I built the WordPress Theme (Stallion Responsive: a true WordPress SEO theme with dozens of built in plugins optimized for SEO performance) and have personally picked and tested every single WordPress Plugin running on this website for their impact on speed.

I use a few staple plugins W3 Total Cache Plugin (caching, minification…), WP Rocket Lazy Load Plugin (Lazy loads images), WebP Express Plugin (converts jpg, png… images to the webp format which are MUCH smaller) plus another 7 plugins I built or modified significantly.

SEO Gold is years of work tinkering with server settings and modifying theme and plugin PHP code and it’s paid off. On a good day the SEO Gold homepage scores 100/100 in all Lighthouse Tests with MOBILE selected: mobile is harder to gain 100/100 for vs desktop.

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