Koozai Digital Marketing Agency Southampton Review

Koozai Digital Marketing Agency Southampton Review

Koozai is a Southampton based digital marketing agency with London and Preston virtual offices, Koozai offer SEO, Content Marketing, Digital PR, Paid Search, and Paid Social…

Since Koozai Ltd aren’t a local Skegness business they don’t show up in the Skegness Local Google Map listings.

The Google Lighthouse screenshot is for Koozai’s homepage, see the live Lighthouse results at:

Koozai Homepage Time to Interactive: 10.6 seconds

Koozai mobile SEO performance score is poor, around 60/100 isn’t a good mobile performance result, any technical SEO expert should be aiming for 90/100 for mobile pagespeed. Also checked a Blog Post and it had a similar slow speed, for example Time to Interactive 9.2 seconds.

What that means is when a potential business client on a mobile device like a mobile phone, connects to a Koozai blog post they have to wait almost 11 seconds before they can interact with the content.

Count to 11, are you happy in 2020 to wait 11 seconds for a webpage to be interactive?

I see signs of WordPress caching, minification and lazy loading of images which help with performance/speed. I’m a little surprised at the above, with such a low mobile performance score I wouldn’t expect to see the basics of pagespeed optimization.

I see mixed signs filename optimization, so there’s room for basic onpage SEO improvement.

A few example full image filenames:

  • event-1597531_1920.jpg
  • firstcontentfulpaint.png
  • Analytics-document-content-loaded-graph.png
  • forecast.png

The first image filename is terrible SEO wise, Google will struggle to rank it for anything useful, though at least Holly Thatcher a PR and Outreach Specialist with Koozai understands the value of alt text, she added some decent alt text: “All Digital Marketing Events and Conferences of 2020”. Rename the filename to something like “digital-marketing-events-and-conferences-2020.jpg” next time Holly, it helps with image SEO which helps with SEO generally.

The second image “firstcontentfulpaint.png” should be something like “time-to-first-contentful-paint.png” with supporting alt text like “Google PageSpeed Time to First Contentful Paint“. The 3rd image “Analytics-document-content-loaded-graph.png” should be something like “google-analytics-document-interactive-time metrics.png” with alt text like “Google Analytics Document Interactive Time Metrics“. Sadly the author, Ross Momtahan a past SEO Manager with Koozai (Ross is now an SEO Account Director at Tug Agency) didn’t bother with any alt text for these two images!

The final image “forecast.png” is a difficult one, it’s one keyword so does help, BUT the image is of a Google Trends graph comparing the keywords “SEO” and “Digital Marketing”, so would be better as “google-trends-seo-and-digital-marketing-comparison.png” with supporting alt text “Google Trends SEO and Digital Marketing Comparison“. Sadly the author, Alex Wade the Head of SEO with Koozai didn’t bother with any alt text for this image!

Image filename SEO and image alt text SEO is basic SEO 101, this should be part of day 1 SEO training:

Rename image filenames to be:

  • All lowercase characters
  • Avoid fancy characters
  • Keyword rich filenames describing the image
  • All words separated by hyphens
  • this-is-good.jpg and thisis_bad_1920x800.jpg

For alt text:

  • Always add supporting alt text
  • Don’t go SPAMMY with alt text
  • Don’t add alt text to structural images, use alt=”*”
  • ALWAYS consider your partially sighted users

Image SEO isn’t rocket science, remember although Google is learning how to ‘read’ images (AI and machine learning breakthroughs are exciting), Googlebot struggles to understand images: make it easy for Googlebot AND your partially sighted users.

Looks like Koozai Ltd should put on a basic SEO 101 training program for their content creators.

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