Digital Marketing Agencies in Skegness

Digital Marketing Agencies in Skegness

This is the My Google Business Maps SEO Test BEFORE Screenshot showing which digital marketing agencies are listed when searching Google for “Digital Marketing Agency” whilst connecting to the Internet from Skegness (Google can track a users location, Google knew I was in Skegness via my IP address).

DPOM Digital Marketing Agency Skegness Review

DPOM Digital Marketing Agency Skegness Review

You can see DP Online Marketing Ltd which has a Skegness office and is literally the closest Digital Marketing Agency to my home office address: it’s less than a 5 minute walk away. DP Online Marketing are also listed number 9 for the google organic search listing: the ‘normal’ search results.

Interestingly DPOM were the ONLY local digital marketing agency listed in the top 10 organic search results, I’ll be working on getting SEO Gold listed top 10 as well (part of my SEO tests)

My SEO business website (SEO Gold) was NOT listed at the time of the sceenshot.

I’ve only recently decided to target local SEO SERPs and completed the My Google Business Listing process a week or so ago and haven’t fully completed the My Google Business profile yet. For example I haven’t set the business address fully yet, so the Directions map option doesn’t show for my Google maps listings.

I’m changing my business from offering general SEO as a freelance SEO consultant (been working freelance for 15+ years) to targeting a specific local SEO niche like plumbers SEO: probably working with plumbers and electricians SEO, but that’s not set in stone yet, still testing (hence this screenshot and SEO tests).

My current SEO business isn’t a Digital Marketing Agency, I’m a one man band working from a home office in Skegness, but want to see how easy/hard the local Digital Marketing Agency SERPs are.

The new direction of my business is what Digital Marketing Companies offer, the current plan is to offer a full SEO webdesign service for local plumbers/electricians: build SEO’d websites from scratch, manage content creation, My Google Business listings and other directory listings (Yelp etc… to make sure everything is consistent) etc… The idea is for a local business which has zero SEO skills can leave their website to me and they deal with servicing their customers.

Going this route as it’s the only way to guarantee a fully SEO’d website for a plumber etc… leaving it to others to tinker with server settings, optimizing the PHP code of websites etc… does not go well for local businesses, they rarely have the in-house skills to do the necessary SEO work.

A few years from now I could expand to be a fully fledged Digital Marketing Agency with employees and even if I don’t go that route, I do like a challenge and WILL gain digital marketing agency traffic which will convert to new customers.

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