I make a living as a freelance SEO consultant and income from a network of websites/social media accounts: the latter mostly through passive income from advertising revenue and affiliate product sales driven by free organic search engine traffic.

My network for the most part runs itself, maintenance (updating WordPress, server updates, checking for server issues etc…) only takes a couple of hours a day.

Freelance SEO Consultant

Hire a Freelance SEO Expert

Hire a Freelance SEO Expert

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As you can see from my resume below I’ve offered SEO services for over 12 years and worked with a variety of businesses.

My freelance SEO consultant rates start at $2,000 a month retainer fee for pretty much unlimited SEO advice. See freelance SEO consultant for more details about the service.

For the record: I’m not interested in working for free on projects until they make money. I’ve received a fair number of offers to work on projects for a share of the profits over the years, but they are almost always ideas I could achieve on my own and the person asking for help didn’t bring a great deal (in skill terms) to the table.

Almost 6,000 LinkedIn Connections
Over 3,000 FaceBook Followers

My SEO/Marketing relevant Twitter Accounts…

Also own over a dozen more Twitter accounts which tend to have over 5,000 followers each. Some of these accounts are generating hundreds of thousands of impressions a month: millions in total. I particularly enjoy my two politics Twitter accounts:

Curriculum Vitae for David Cameron Law

DOB May 19th 1970

Broad online business experience (~20 years) taking ideas for web sites to long-term passive income streams.
Track record for generating tens of millions of organic search engine visitors, converting to millions of dollars in sales, for example over $400,000 worth of Amazon products sold through a simple Classic Literature site.
New website selling apparel generated over 8,000 unique organic search engine visitors a day in under 12 months.

As a freelance SEO Consultant for 12+ years I’ve worked with dozens of businesses including:

Top travel site in Italy (April 2004 to May 2009)
Helped them gain/maintain Italy Travel/Vacation relevant SERPs over several sites.

Global Rust Inhibitors and Protective Coatings Manufacturer (March 2004 to June 2005)
Helped them gain/maintain relevant Google SERPs to their products.

Financial Services Network (June 2010 to May 2014)
Helped them gain/maintain relevant Google SERPs over a dozen sites.

UK Personal Number Plate Business (July 2005 to June 2007)
Helped them gain/maintain number plate relevant Google SERPs over several sites.

UK Dating Site (January 2011 to August 2013)
Helped them gain/maintain dating relevant Google SERPs.

And many, many more related to retail, travel, dating, pest control, mobile phones, fake IDs, books, jewelry, various financial services… Also helped the odd charity for free.

Note: I never name drop past/current SEO clients, the above is as much detail as I’ll supply.

Work Experience

2002-Present – Built Network of 100+ Websites – Income Sources Including Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Product Sales

Skills Acquired:

  • Content creation and acquisition.
  • Buying domains/sites with content.
  • Advanced HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP coding (building WordPress SEO themes and SEO plugins: list below).
  • Troubleshooting advanced HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP issues.
  • WordPress SEO optimisation and management.
  • Server SEO optimisation and management.
  • Online customer support via email and blog comments
  • Affiliate sales and marketing.
  • Ad networks used including AdSense, Chitika, Clickbank, Amazon, Sharesale, InfoLinks and Kontera.

Created Multiple Premium and Free WordPress SEO Themes and Plugins Including:

2002-2014 & 2017-Present – Freelance Search Engine Optimization Consultant Working with Small-Medium Size Businesses

Skills Acquired:

  • Advanced SEO techniques.
  • SEO client management.
  • Setting realistic SEO goals.
  • Managing backlink campaigns.
  • SEO copywriting.
  • Advanced SEO techniques (modifying HTML/Javascript/CSS/PHP code).
  • Social media marketing and promotion (Facebook, Twitter etc…).
  • Pricing a service fairly.
  • Basic server management.
  • 2015-2017 – Children’s Author (unpublished) – Finally worked on a project with my wife (artist/illustrator)

    Skills Acquired:

    • Writing short stories for children.
    • Writing rhyming stories.
    • Creating poetry.
    • Basic picture book layout/formatting.
    • Building an author platform (website: Children’s Picture Books).
    • Building connections with authors/publishers/literary agents via social media.
    • Creating query letters.
    • Managing a list of literary agents to query.
    • Participated in BBC nature documentary about butterflies (was on TV).

    2001-2003 – Sold Apparel Online

    Skills Acquired:

    • The importance of finding suppliers with high markup products (200% plus markup).
    • Negotiating with suppliers.
    • Managing stock levels.
    • Dealing with customer services.
    • Creation of product descriptions.
    • Website management.
    • Weblog analysis.
    • Google Webmaster Tools.
    • Basic HTML/CSS/Javascript.
    • Organic search engine optimisation: on-site and off-site optimisation.
    • SEO research/SEO tools – keyword research, creation of SEO tests
    • Basic SEO techniques (optimised title tags, alt tags, image optimisation etc…).
    • Backlink building.

    1997-2001 – Sold Educational Software CDs Online

    Skills Acquired:

    • Advertising on newsgroups.
    • Building and using an email based mailing list to increase sales.
    • Basic customer services.
    • The importance of sales vs profits.

    1995-1997 – Incapacitated Due to Disability (concentrated on home schooling)

    1992-1995 – Full-Time University

    • Bought Items from Auctions to sell.
    • Used Student Loan to Trade Penny Shares and Traded-Options

    1986-1992 (16-22 yrs) – Various jobs : Civil Engineers Assistant, Factory Work, Retail Experience, Worked in a Busy Hospital Microbiology Lab (testing samples for diseases).


    1992-1995 (22-25 yrs) – University (Full-Time)

    • University of Sussex – BSc Molecular Genetics in Biotechnology (incomplete due to disability, expected a 2:1)

    During the second year laboratory project I created a new protocol for screening recombinant DNA which was published in 1997 (Authors: David Law and Neil Crickmore) in “Technical Tips Online” under the title – “Use of a simplified rapid size screen protocol for the detection of recombinant plasmids.” http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1366212008700631?via%3Dihub

    1988-1991 (18-21 yrs) – Further Education (Part-Time)

    • Open University – Math, Science, Genetics
    • Night School – A-Level Science Subjects
    • Night School – GCSE Math and Science Subjects


    In the final months of university my lower back was in so much pain (due to degraded discs) I literally couldn’t sit the final exams (approx. 21 hours of sitting): the degree was complete other than those exams.

    With agreement from the University of Sussex I took a year off on medical grounds with a view to resolving the back issues so I could sit the exams and complete the degree the following year. 12 months later it was clear the disability was long-term and I wouldn’t be able to complete the degree or follow a career as a molecular geneticist: planned to work in AIDs/HIV research.

    Was time to move on. Since I couldn’t sit in a chair, traditional work opportunities were (and still are) limited. My wife and I were home schooling our children so I sold educational software online. I built a work space where I could work lay down and have worked that way ever since: regularly work online 12hr+ days.

    Despite having an operation on my spine (spinal fusion) I still can’t sit in a chair for long periods of time, so can only work from my home office.

    David Law : Freelance SEO Consultant

    David Law
    : Freelance SEO Consultant with over 15 years of SEO and Search Engine Marketing experience... Creator of multiple WordPress SEO Themes and SEO Plugins.

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