Clickbank Affiliate Hop Link View Source

Clickbank Affiliate Hop Link View Source

Let’s see where the bitly link goes, take a bitly link, and add view-source: like this view-source: and load that in a browser (Firefox/Chrome) to see where the link redirects to (see screenshot above).

From this we have two important URLs, in the top browser bar a site that’s either owned or controlled (could be a hacked site) by the SEO link SPAMMER and where that page redirects to, which is a Clickbank affiliate Hop link.

From the Clickbank Hop link we can pull the Clickbank username: promotraf

The owner of the Clickbank account ‘promotraf’ is our SEO link SPAMMER and Clickbank presumably have the contact details and bank account details of our bad guy.

If you look through the compromised pages and check the various bitly links you will find they redirect through multiple domains, but all the ones I tested used the same Clickbank account ‘promotraf’.

Looks like we have a prolific SEO link SPAMMER with a lot of sites.

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