Foundem Mobile Responsiveness

Foundem Mobile Responsiveness

Let’s run it through Google’s free PageSpeed Insights Tool

Mobile 64/100 Poor

Although it doesn’t throw out a not mobile optimized warning, the home page is not mobile optimized. All it does is resize to fit a mobile device, what you see in Desktop view is what you see in mobile, only smaller (see screenshot, that’s not mobile optimization)!

I also checked Foundem in a mobile phone and it looks like the above, you can’t easily use Foundem on a mobile phone. That’s a huge SEO negative for ranking in Google’s mobile search.

Desktop 80/100 Needs Work

Some of the things listed are relatively easy to fix, based on Foundem are accusing Google of manipulating results, the least they could do is fully optimize their code so Google doesn’t have a good reason to downgrade them!

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