Camping World Tech Support

Camping World Tech Support

The Camping World website needs some serious SEO tech support ASAP!

Via a Google site: search


We can see the Camping World RV sales sub-domain has 74,200 search results. This isn’t an accurate count of indexed pages in Google, but it’s a good guide.

It’s a big ecommerce/brochure website, the sort of website which can benefit from technical SEO help. Most of the website doesn’t sell anything directly online, most people looking to buy a new RV, travel trailer, campervan etc… are going to want to see it in person and buy in person, so most of the RV section of the site is a glorified brochure of available RVs etc…

The Camping World site has a LOT of serious technical SEO issues which the current tech SEO support staff appear to either not be interested in or incapable of fixing.

Click the “Live Google LightHouse Test” button above and wait for the Google SEO test to run on the Camping World website.

There’s no good reason for so many technical SEO issues with the Camping World site! Google considers some of the Lighthouse tests as part of it’s ranking algorithm, so some of the SEO tech issues will be damaging Camping World’s Google traffic!

Below is a screenshot for the SEO Gold homepage, this is what you want every website to look like:

PageSpeed Score 100

PageSpeed Score 100

Add to that under Best Practices there’s the Includes front-end JavaScript libraries with known security vulnerabilities.

Camping World has 8 vulnerabilities detected due to running scripts which are WAY out of date!!!

From an SEO ROI perspective this type of large business website which drives the sale of expensive products or services are ideal for better search engine optimization. Camping World is a well known brand with a lot of backlinks (links drive SEO) and there’s so much content, even relatively low hanging SEO fruit can have a big impact on overall traffic.

Consider the impact if their top 5-10 Google search results moved a few places to top 1-3 where the real traffic is: around 75% of Google traffic goes to the top 3 ranked webpages. Camping World will have thousands of top 4-7 rankings where a tiny onsite SEO improvement could be enough to push them into the top 1-3 money zone.

I see a lot of lost SEO opportunities on the Camping World website, I’d be disappointed if after working on the Camping World RV sales sub-domain for a year I didn’t increase organic traffic by at least 10%. Some of the onsite SEO is so poor I wouldn’t be surprised if traffic were increased by 50% in a year, the search engine optimization really is that bad.

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