British Gas Boiler Repair with HomeCare Two Cover

British Gas Boiler Repair with Homecare Two Cover

British Gas Boiler Repair with Ongoing HomeCare Two Cover

£109 boiler repair fee + £24.50* per month for HomeCare Two cover. Accurate prices March 2020.

Just want your boiler fixed by British Gas with no HomeCare two cover, see the British Gas one off boiler repair from £99 option.

A British Gas engineers will diagnose and repair the boiler fault and cover future repairs for 12 months.

One of their expert engineers will take a look at the customers boiler and central heating system. If it’s possible to repair they’ll repair the fault and any directly related faults no matter how much time it takes or what it costs.

If there are any unrelated faults, such as a leaking radiator when the original fault was a broken boiler, they will provide a separate quote for each repair.

British Gas will then cover future repairs to the boiler and heating system for 12 months.

What’s included with the British Gas Boiler Repair with HomeCare Two Cover?

  • Repairs to the gas central heating system, including boiler, controls, radiators and hot water cylinder
  • All parts and labour included (conditions apply)
  • 12 months of ongoing HomeCare Two cover
  • Annual Boiler Service included [1]
  • Unlimited engineer call outs [2]
  • Accidental damage
  • Up to £1,000 to gain access and make good for each repair

Note the conditions apply, check with British Gas terms and conditions to make sure the combi boiler is covered, there’s exclusions on older boilers etc… Always read the terms and conditions, you don’t want to spend over £400 a year and find your repairs aren’t fully covered!

What’s NOT included with the British Gas Boiler Repair with HomeCare Two Cover?

  • Removing sludge or scale or repairing the damage it causes if the British Gas engineer tells the customer it might be a problem for the system or boiler
  • Showers or taps
  • Faults caused by someone else used for boiler repairs or design faults

British Gas Pricing

£109 – single payment for boiler repair

£24.50 a month* – for 12 months for HomeCare Two cover (with £0 excess)[3]

First year cost – £403*

  • * Prices may vary depending on where the customer lives. Once the customer enters their postcode, British Gas will confirm the actual price.
  • [1] Boiler services may be more than 12 months apart.
  • [2] A customers call out history is taken into account at renewal.
  • [3] Prices available to new customers for the first year (paying by Direct Debit).

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