Blackhat SEO Semi-Hiding Links within Noscript Tags

Blackhat SEO Semi-Hiding Links within Noscript Tags

Semi-hiding links within a noscript tag is a REALLY, REALLY old blackhat SEO technique.

The noscript tag is for a webpage using javascript to serve content & that content doesn’t work correctly if the visitors is using a browser with javascript disabled.

A small number of weird people turn javascript off :-)

In HTML code terms you’ll see something like this in the code source:

Some content here that's available via javascript, but doesn't work correctly when javascript is disabled.
Flash based content is a good example.
You might also see a message the website is best viewed with javascript enabled.

The above is the correct use of the noscript tag, the content found within the noscript tag should also be available to visitors with javascript enabled minus the “best viewed with javascript enabled” message (that’s only for the non-javascript users).

Using noscript to hide links for SEO gain is blackhat SEO link SPAM.

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