Comment on Black Hat SEO Hidden Links by JCL.

Black Hat SEO Hidden Image Link Source Code Hey ! In fact, yes, this has been done by hacking. I saw that there’s a lot of Dotclear blog platform used in the links you gave (I’m under Dotclear too). I’ve found that a big security hole had been discovered in July 2007, which allowed people, hackers, blackhat seo guys, to take control over your blog. See it here, in French, sorry :

I took contact with the recipe website. What they told me is that they hired a Seo consultant who “promised a huge PageRank to help us with the Google search results, for a minimum amount of money. I have to say we were suspicious at first, as they said they will reach a very high PageRank (6+) in less than 3 months” (sic). So they apologize and will be careful in the future.

What do you think about that ? ;)

Anyway, thanks again David. I updated some things on my blog, hopefully it will be more secured now.